M.A.C cosmetics

The thirteenth M.A.C cosmetics store in West Africa has finally opened in Kinshasa, on September 9th, 2023, a collaboration between Estee Lauder and Muzuri Retail as franchisee. M.A.C the global and international brand currently counts over 1500 stores in 78 countries. M.A.C is reiterating the experience of having its flagship store on a high street […]


After several months of hard work and persistence, our team is super delighted to have opened a new DeFacto store, the Turkish International brand.  On September 16th, 2023, DeFacto officially welcomed its first customers at THE ONE location in the city of Lubumbashi, shortly after having opened in Kolwezi and Kinshasa under franchising with Muzuri […]


Opening of a New Delifrance Bistrot in the city of Kinshasa, close to the first Defacto store in the DRC.Muzuri along with its partners have the reputation of meeting their target when it comes to planning and opening stores across the city of Kinshasa, DRC.This time, it’s about the new Delifrance Bistro Restaurant which is […]

Opening the new LC Waikiki store under Muzuri in Angola

Opening the new LC Waikiki store under Muzuri in Angola was an exciting and challenging experience. We were thrilled to bring this well-known Turkish brand to the Angolan market and offer customers a wide range of stylish and affordable clothing. Ultimately, the opening of the store was a great success and we are proud to […]


One more Defacto store has opened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in collaboration with Muzuri Retail. This time, the well-known Turkish brand has chosen to open in Kolwezi City Walk mall, a landmark in the city. We are proud to serve the people living in Kolwezi with best quality and affordable outfits in […]

Muzuri is more than a movement

Muzuri is more than a movement, it’s a lifestyle and an optimistic way of apprehending or approaching Life, We are dynamic and believe in change for better… And to do just that