Defacto was born in 2005 in Turkey with the purpose to introduce a modern view on Turkish Fashion and Style and to bring together the unicity and the quality of designs to the world.
Defacto assures that its products designs are the results of important research and are recognized by their customers not only for meeting their fashion needs but also responding to the current worldwide trend.

Defacto has embraced the culture of innovation and renewal within its organization.

With the ambition and the target to serve all and answer to the wishes of their clients, Defacto has expanded internationally and created sub-brands to clothe the entire family. Currently, Defacto can serve its consumers in more than 100 countries around the world and gets closer to their clients with more than 500 stores with Defacto Baby, Defacto Coool, Defacto Fit, Defacto Studio, DF Life etc…

Defacto is a leading brand and has a reputation of offering quality fashionable products at accessible prices. With their experienced and innovative design team, Defacto offers ranges of products which will allow their consumers to feel the change with quality product at affordable prices. Defacto makes sure to work hard to ensure that this mission is sustainable.

We invite everyone to say “Renew. Be Merry. Continue!”
In the DRC, Defacto opened its first store in Kinshasa in April 2022. Defacto will be opening in 2023 in Lubumbashi and in Kolwezi.