Love Yancey is a born entrepreneur. In 1947, she started a business from scratch, a three-stool hamburger stand using scrap materials from her partner construction company. They have called it Mr. Fatburger. But in 1952, they separated. Ever persistent, she got rid of the from the name and worked tirelessly to make Fatburger what it is today: a megasuccessful franchise all over the world.

The Last Great Hamburger Stand™
It’s hard to keep it simple but it’s the Fatburger way . It’s hard to run a business for over 60 years. Even more difficult to pursue the same level of excellence that she had at that time.
Every day, Fatburger sources the freshest quality ingredients, handcrafting each burger to absolute perfection. Whether it’s our hand-pressed, never-frozen beef patties, our homemade onion rings, or our artisan chili in Fatburger you know it’s the best.

And it’s not just the Fatburger. Our milkshakes contain handcrafted premium quality ice cream. Our Fat Fries are thick and fried to a shimmering golden brown.

The first FatBurger in the DRC opened its doors in September 2022 in Kinshasa. Visit us at our next 5 restaurants in 3 cities in Congo and you’ll agree that it’s always good to be FAT!