LC Waikiki is the biggest fashion retailer company in Turkey, based in Istanbul. LC Waikiki operates in more than 53 countries worldwide, counting over 1200 stores and 11 e-commerce sites all over the world.

By end 2023, the main objective of LC Waikiki is to be one of the 3 biggest fashion companies in Europe in terms of profitability, customers recognition, supplier trust, employee commitment and social responsibility.

With 35 000 employees around the globe, it is the 3rd largest employer in Turkey.

LC Waikiki gets more powerful as they renew themselves through innovation. The share of E-commerce sales is increasing day by day since it was launched in 2010, with the highest number of products sold per minute achieved: 415 pieces.
LC Waikiki is working on its expansion and world presence in the Southern America, the Middle East, in the gulf countries and in Africa.

With up to 1200 stores across 3 continents, LC Waikiki has built its name and customer recognition , thanks to the quality of their product and great value for money.

With Muzuri Retail, LC Waikiki is opening its doors in Angola by January 2023.