Délifrance has a dream…

We wanted to create places inspired by the pure tradition of Parisian bakeries, bistros and cafés. We want our customers, when they enter our restaurants, to suddenly have the impression of being in France and the Parisian air while taking advantage of a minute to relax. We want our guests to discover the rituals and the art of French living. We want to share culinary and cultural traditions.   Since 1984, Délifrance began its mission to provide convenient and exceptional dining experiences for all occasions, designed at a price and served at a pace that everyone can enjoy every day. With 36 years of experience in different countries around the world, we are proud to bring authentic and appetizing “Cuisine du Boulanger” to Délifrance Restaurants and Bakeries in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The history of Délifrance goes beyond 1984 and is filled with pride, heritage and know-how. In 1919, Marcel Vilgrain built the largest mill in the world; the Grands Moulins de Paris, belonging to the same group as Délifrance and supplying our kitchens with quality flour. In 1929, Les Grands Moulins de Paris opened the Paris Bakery and Pastry School. Here, all Délifrance bakers are trained in the tradition of French craftsmanship. Good practices are transmitted, guaranteeing a final product of unparalleled quality. In 1984, Opening of the first Délifrance store in Holland, allowing its customers to taste products inspired by the French baking tradition and marking the start of our international expansion.

Today, Délifrance has more than 250 stores around the world, 5 of which will be in 3 cities of the Democratic Republic of The Congo in the next five years. The first Delifrance opened its doors in July 2022 in Kinshasa. In 2023, a second restaurant in Kinshasa will open.