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After several months of hard work and persistence, our team is super delighted to have opened a new DeFacto store, the Turkish International brand. 

On September 16th, 2023, DeFacto officially welcomed its first customers at THE ONE location in the city of Lubumbashi, shortly after having opened in Kolwezi and Kinshasa under franchising with Muzuri Retail.

Our dream so far has been to be able to pave the roads of cities in Congo, with multiple and excellent choices for people to shop from.

It is now Lubumbashi’s turn to taste some beautiful collections from the Congolese’s favorite fashion brand DeFacto.

Having already proven this in the large busy cities of the DRC, DeFacto wins the challenge of dressing the whole family efficiently, while maintaining simplicity, ensuring accessibility, and offering different trends for everyone.

Muzuri Retail’s experience of the DRC allows us to understand the tastes and needs of the Congolese, to provide everyone with this sure value of international flavors and brands.

Looking forward to serving you soon in others cities of the DRC.