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M.A.C cosmetics

The thirteenth M.A.C cosmetics store in West Africa has finally opened in Kinshasa, on September 9th, 2023, a collaboration between Estee Lauder and Muzuri Retail as franchisee. M.A.C the global and international brand currently counts over 1500 stores in 78 countries.

M.A.C is reiterating the experience of having its flagship store on a high street location in DRC after having tried successfully in Ethiopia.

Our experienced team in Kinshasa was thrilled welcoming several M.A.C experts from Nigeria and Kenya to facilitate inclusion through team development, support, and training, to ensure that the new staff is efficiently and effectively equipped for the M.A.C new experience in the city of Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The virtual and physical training sessions have allowed our team to get acquainted with the international brand and its products in order to be confident of delivering the best quality service during their clients’ make-up sessions.